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How we can boost your innovation campaign


A boiler is an intuitively designed innovation space.
Boilers can be customized to match any challenge.
By capturing the process of the campaign or event
and visualizing it as an interactive design,
Boiler provides:

✓ A clear overview of ideas & progress

✓ The ability to structure & streamline
    idea development

✓ A way to inspire, mobilize & connect
    all participants

Visualize your event on any screen.

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Use Boiler @

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Ideation campaigns

Start a challenge, invite participants and let them create ideas and teams. Boiler will guide each participant through your idea development process, help them get ratings, support and feedback while giving you a real time visual overview of the overall progress.

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Matchmaking events

Bring startups and companies together and help them create winning value propositions using guided steps. Allow companies to rate and give feedback to each startup and visualize which startup succeeded in creating a solid match with one or more companies.

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Create a visual space in which teams can showcase their concepts, pitches and prototypes. Give your event a truly gamified layer: reward feedback and visualize individual and group progress, showing which team is in the lead to become the overall winner.

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Case: MediaMatters Matchmaking  Days


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MediaMatters connects media companies with innovative startups. Out of more than 800 registrations,
15 startups were selected to participate in this three day matchmaking event.

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What makes Boiler a game changer


Intuitive design
We’re developing Boiler with a focus on user engagement, which increases the quality and quantity of input and interaction. Literally anyone can use it; the platform has a clean, clear and intuitive design, removing the necessity for any kind of formal training.

Quick & easy setup
Your program in Boiler is configurable using flexible content modules, levels and rules that can easily be adjusted to suit any type of process. This means custom setup takes hours, instead of weeks or months.

Fully gamified
Boiler uses playful gamification techniques. This means we give users insight in their personal development and progression within the program, keeping them engaged at all times.