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Their challenge

MediaMatters connects media companies with innovative startups. In a three day matchmaking event, startups are challenged to develop pitches that match the needs of media companies. 

Often the difficulty with these offline events, is keeping track of participant action and interaction; from the initial subscription to the event, selection of participant, their progress during the event and the final selection, each step represents a communication challenge. This makes it extremely hard to get a grip on getting an overall view on event progress from start to finish. 

Our solution

At the start of the event, a boiler was created to visualize the entire matchmaking process. Each of the participants’ startup was represented in this boiler as an individual bubble. During the matchmaking days, participants added valuable content such as assignments and pitches to
these bubbles. Coaches gave feedback and ratings through Boiler, giving more rise to certain bubbles and less to others as time went by. By the end of the program, the media companies selected startups based on information including high match ratings made available in Boiler. 

The results

By visualizing the process, it was made clear to both the participants, coaches as well as the media companies what was expected of them at what time. Moreover, by removing the factors of time and space to communicate, coaches and participants were able to get in touch with each other through the digital environment, making instant feedback not only possible, but also transparent. Both engagement and collaboration during the event grew significantly. By creating overview and making new and efficient ways of communication possible, Boiler added a great amount of value to a very successful MediaMatters matchmaking event.

Review MediaMatters participants

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Innovation campaign


Their challenge

Successful innovation for any traditional mailing company, means the difference between steady growth or rapid decay. Innovation within PostNL was in disarray. There was no single point of entry for new ideas, no clearly defined development process for growing business opportunities and no product or service portfolio overview. As a result, innovation was slow, inefficient and therefore needlessly expensive.   

Our solution

In the course of two months, PostNL wanted to determine the success and efficiency of a newly defined service development process. We used Boiler to structure and visualize the process. We proceeded by asking a multidisciplinary team to add their current business cases to a custom designed digital innovation space: the PostNL boiler. After the agreed upon period, we measured the results. 

The results

All of the participant agreed that the overview of ideas and current cases was greatly improved. Furthermore, almost twice as much ideas were developed in Boiler within the given timeframe than originally planned for. This means that Boiler very successfully offers employees an engaging environment for collaboration. Although the process itself proved to be faulted, using Boiler made it possible to quickly adjust steps and facilitated in rating ideas in a transparent fashion while giving essential feedback to the team. Overall, development time was decreased while efficiency, overview and collaboration reached new heights for PostNL.